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Summer Two-Up Snooker commences 21st Nov

This year during the summer the NDBSA is continuing its tradition of trying something a little different.


2018-19 Two-Up Competition

– Players are ranked according to their handicap and their opponents are chosen from the opposing team by their corresponding rank (5 man teams)

  • Each game consists of two continuous frames (15 red) with the first frame played until completion (the final black is potted or a foul is committed on the final black)

  • Points accumulated in the first frame remain on the scoreboard and the second frame points are added to these scores.

  • Tony Tamplin Shield handicaps are to be used and doubled at the start of the game. Example: John Smith is a -12 handicap and he is playing Wayne Brown a +4 handicap. With handicaps doubled John is -24 and Wayne is +8. Wayne will get 32 start for the 2 continuous frames. Please note max handicap difference for game is 80pts (40pts per frame)

  • The Mercy rule applies in the last frame

– Each game is a continuous 2 frames and one point is awarded to the winner

  • 1 bonus point is awarded to the team that wins on the night

  • A maximum 6 points can be won on the night

– Handicaps are to remain frozen for this competition

  • With limited time there are no finals to be played. Leader on the competition ladder will have bragging rights as the Two-Up champion. Tied points at end will be determined by

Total Points (For)

Total Wins

Total Points conceded (Against)

Countback to the winner of the last match played against each other

  • No prizemoney has been allocated to this competition.

– For any questions or concerns regarding the competition please contact:
Chris Mungoven 0408 674 140 or Annette Clifford 0403 946 732


Draw can be found here & season handicaps here.