2018 Tony Tamplin Shield starts 21st March

The 2018 Tony Tamplin Shield starts on the 21st of March. There has been some minor changes this season. See below for full details. Draw can be found here.


– Each game is the best of three frames (third frame not required if a player wins 2-0)
– One point awarded per frame won
– Two bonus points for team that wins on the night (maximum 12 points can be won on any night)
– Winner on the night is determined by game wins not frame points ( eg: Team A wins the first three
games 2-1. Team A is on 6 points Team B is on 3 points. Team B wins the last two games 2-0 which
makes the frame score Team A 6 points Team B 7 points. Team A has won the night three games to
two and gets the two bonus points. Final score Team A 8 points Team B 7 points.
– Zero points for the BYE

– Top 8 qualify for finals (NRL style format)
– No playoff matches if teams are tied at the end of the season.
– Ladder positions will be determined by
1. Total Points (For)
2. Total Wins
3. Total Points conceded (Against)
4. Countback to the winner of the last match played against each other

Missed weeks
– No games will take place on Anzac Day (25 th April), State of Origin 1 (6 th June) and State of Origin 3
(11 th July). Note: State of Origin 2 is on a Sunday night.

Prize money
– The total prize money is $2000.
– Winner $600 / Runner up $400 / Semi-Finalists $300 each / 5th & 6th $200 each

Handicaps / Game Qualification
– Handicaps are frozen for the last three rounds of the competition
– A minimum of three matches must be played prior to the freeze by any player to qualify for finals
– A player may fill in for another team up to 4 times. On the fifth occasion they will be regarded as
changing teams

– The home team is to mark all games where possible
– No cigarette breaks during a game (best of 3)
– For any questions or concerns regarding the competition please contact:
Chris Mungoven 0408 674 140 or Annette Clifford 0403 946 732

Mayfield Bowling Club No.1 – 2017/18 6-Red Champions

Congratulations to the Mayfield Bowling Club No.1 team defeating Minor Premiers, the Cessnock Comets to win the 2017/18 Summer 6-Red Competition. Mayfield turned around the defeat by the Comets in the semi-final to take the trophy. Mayfield’s Michael North also took out the season high break of 40. Thanks to Bill Shoesmith, Ian Callaghan and Grant Schubert for refereeing the final and Wangi Workers Club for letting us use their fine snooker facilities.

Belmont 16′ Sailing Club – Lightning Billiards Premiers

Belmont 16′ Sailing Club and Minor Premiers and defending Champions, the Kahibah Sports Kingpins met in the Grand Final of the Lightning Billiards on Monday and had a thriller of a match. The Kahibah Kingpins got ahead early with Eric Bauer winning his first two games easily before Brian Bourke and Mick Hill for Belmont steadied the ship with strong performances. Going into the last group of matches Belmont only needed to win one more match but Kahibah’s Tony Paul and Dave Mackie dug deep to win which left the two captains to decide who will be the 2017-18 Lightning Billiards Champions. Although Eric Bauer was giving significant start he caught Mick Hill with about 30 points to go but Mick held his nerve to deny Eric and the Kahibah Sports Kingpins. Congratualtions to the Premiers, the Belmont 16′ Sailing Club. A big thanks to Wangi Workers Club for hosting the Grand Final and John Duchatel, Ian Callaghan and Grant Schubert for refereeing. Warren Johnson from Toronto Workers Club took out the seasons high break with 74.


6 new qualified Snooker referees for Newcastle

The NDBSA is proud to announce that 6 there are six new qualified snooker referees and 3 new qualified billiard referees – all members of the NDBSA.

Current Qualified Snooker Referees

Annette Clifford3
Stephen Dodds3
John Duchatel3
Richard Evans3
Nilesh Fatania3
Chris Mungoven3
Grant Schubert3

Current Qualified Billiard Referees

Stephen Dodds3
John Duchatel3
Richard Evans3
Grant Schubert3

The NDBSA is currently offering incentives for anyone interested in becoming a qualified snooker and/or billiard referee. To find out more contact Grant Schubert via email
or on 0421337105.

6-Red Grand Final

The Summer 6-Red Grand Final will be held 7pm Wednesday the 7th March at Wangi Workers Club. The two finalists are the Cessnock Comets and the Mayfield Bowling Club No.1. Good luck to both teams and as always, spectators welcome.

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