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NDBSA Captains

NDBSA team captains are vital to the smooth running of NDBSA interclub competitions by:

  • Organising teams each week to venue & start times.
  • Ensuring players handicaps are correct prior to play.
  • When at home drawing order of play – when the away captain, witnessing draw.
  • Ensuring next player is ready to play as soon as a table becomes vacant.
  • Recording scores, signing off on results and submitting to Grade Secretary each week.
  • Advocating for their team members when there is rules dispute.
  • Speaking for their team members who have requests of the other team captain i.e. Request to play first, expecting to arrive late

Without team captains there would be chaos… For this reason it is important that team captains are aware of these roles and if they are not in attendance for any competition night they assign an interim captain for the night who is aware of the above duties.