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Foul and Miss Rule local rule trial

The NDBSA is continuing to have trouble with player’s implementation of the foul and miss rule in the Tony Tamplin Shield. After looking at what other Associations are doing the Committee has come up with, what we believe, is the best amendment that will take out all subjectivity and result in a consistent adaptation that will limit the ongoing problems with how this rule is implemented.


From Wednesday the 22nd of August a four (4) week trial of the following amendment to the foul and miss rule will be implemented for all Tony Tamplin matches…


Any failure to hit the ball on will result in a “foul and miss call”. As in the WPBSA Rules the opponent will have the choice to 1/ Play from where the balls lie, 2/ send his/her opponent back in, 3/ Ask for the balls to be replaced. A subsequent failure to hit the ball on will also result in a foul and miss. If there is a clear path to the centre of ball on is available then the player will be warned that failure to hit the ball on at the third attempt will result in loss of frame. If there is only a partial part of a ball on or they are snookered the player, on his or her third attempt must play hard enough to reach the ball on and if they fail to hit the ‘ball on’ at their third attempt then only a foul will be called.


As per usual if snookers are required prior, or as a result, of the foul, no miss will be called.


After four (4) weeks trial, Tony Tamplin captains will be able to provide input about whether they would like this rule variation will continue for the rest of the Tony Tamplin Shield.