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Belmont 16′ Sailing Club – Lightning Billiards Premiers

Belmont 16′ Sailing Club and Minor Premiers and defending Champions, the Kahibah Sports Kingpins met in the Grand Final of the Lightning Billiards on Monday and had a thriller of a match. The Kahibah Kingpins got ahead early with Eric Bauer winning his first two games easily before Brian Bourke and Mick Hill for Belmont steadied the ship with strong performances. Going into the last group of matches Belmont only needed to win one more match but Kahibah’s Tony Paul and Dave Mackie dug deep to win which left the two captains to decide who will be the 2017-18 Lightning Billiards Champions. Although Eric Bauer was giving significant start he caught Mick Hill with about 30 points to go but Mick held his nerve to deny Eric and the Kahibah Sports Kingpins. Congratualtions to the Premiers, the Belmont 16′ Sailing Club. A big thanks to Wangi Workers Club for hosting the Grand Final and John Duchatel, Ian Callaghan and Grant Schubert for refereeing. Warren Johnson from Toronto Workers Club took out the seasons high break with 74.