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Morisset Country Club wins 2018 Rex Smith Over-50s Shield

Congratulations to the Morisset Country Club who defeated the Minor Premiers, the Kahibah Sports Panthers in the Grand Final. This is Morisset’s first season the Competition and we look forward to them defending their shield in 2019. Thanks to Neil Pratt and Ian Callaghan for being there to officiate on behalf of the Committee and their fine stewardship throughout the year. Also thanks to those who also assisted with the refereeing and the Belmont 16′ Sailing Club for hosting the Grand Final.



Rex Smith Over-50s week 2 of the finals

Congratulations to Morisset Country Club for making it through to the Grand Final at their very first season in the league. This week in the preliminary final Kahibah Sports Panthers will play Mayfield Bowling Club to see who will face Morisset the week after in the Grand Final. Good luck to both teams.


Kahibah Sports Panthers vs Mayfield Bowling Club 1pm at Wangi Worker Club 29th Nov

Rex Smith Over-50s Finals

Congratulations to the Kahibah Sports Panthers for winning the Minor Premiership in the Rex Smith Over-50s Shield. Kahibah will play Morisset Country Club in the Major Semi-Final and Belmont 16′ Sailing Club will play Mayfield Bowling Club in the Minor Semi-Final.

Major Semi-Final

Kahibah Sports Panthers vs Morisset Country Club at Belmont 16′ Sailing Club 1pm Thursday 22nd November

Minor Semi-Final

Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.1 vs Mayfield Bowling Club at Kahibah Sports Club 1pm Thursday 22nd November


Good luck to all teams


Summer Two-Up Snooker commences 21st Nov

This year during the summer the NDBSA is continuing its tradition of trying something a little different.


2018-19 Two-Up Competition

– Players are ranked according to their handicap and their opponents are chosen from the opposing team by their corresponding rank (5 man teams)

  • Each game consists of two continuous frames (15 red) with the first frame played until completion (the final black is potted or a foul is committed on the final black)

  • Points accumulated in the first frame remain on the scoreboard and the second frame points are added to these scores.

  • Tony Tamplin Shield handicaps are to be used and doubled at the start of the game. Example: John Smith is a -12 handicap and he is playing Wayne Brown a +4 handicap. With handicaps doubled John is -24 and Wayne is +8. Wayne will get 32 start for the 2 continuous frames. Please note max handicap difference for game is 80pts (40pts per frame)

  • The Mercy rule applies in the last frame

– Each game is a continuous 2 frames and one point is awarded to the winner

  • 1 bonus point is awarded to the team that wins on the night

  • A maximum 6 points can be won on the night

– Handicaps are to remain frozen for this competition

  • With limited time there are no finals to be played. Leader on the competition ladder will have bragging rights as the Two-Up champion. Tied points at end will be determined by

Total Points (For)

Total Wins

Total Points conceded (Against)

Countback to the winner of the last match played against each other

  • No prizemoney has been allocated to this competition.

– For any questions or concerns regarding the competition please contact:
Chris Mungoven 0408 674 140 or Annette Clifford 0403 946 732


Draw can be found here & season handicaps here.

Kahibah Sports Cannons crowned 2018 Tony Tamplin Champions

The Kahibah Sports Cannons Minor Premiers have added the Major Premiership to their dominating season in the Tony Tamplin Shield. Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 battled well to reach the Grand Final after just scraping in to 8th spot in the finals but Kahibah stopped their impressive run. On the night Kahibah flew out of the blocks with a couple of quick wins before the Belmont attempted to fight their way back into the match. However, Kahibah’s momentum was too great and they ended up winning the night in a comprehensive fashion. A big thank you to Wangi Workers Club for hosting the Grand Final, Ian Callaghan and Grant Schubert for refereeing on the night and Chris Mungoven and Annette Clifford for excellent running the 2018 Tony Tamplin Shield and also ensuring the Grand Final ran extremely smoothly. Rob Elsley took out the season high break with a 61. Anyone who wants to watch table 2 of the Grand Final can watch here.

Tony Tamplin Grand Final

The Kahibah Sports Canon defeated Mayfield Bowling No.2 three games to two and Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 beat Wangi Workers Club, also three games to two, to progress to the 2018 Tony Tamplin Grand Final. The Grand Final will be held at Wangi Workers Club 6:30pm on the 7th of November and spectators most welcome. For those who can’t make it, one table will be streamed, which can be accessed by searching “newcastle snooker” on YouTube or by visiting Good luck to both teams.

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