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Message from Gary Knight – Mingara Tournament Director

To All Snooker & Billiards Players …
Yes, this email involves details of an upcoming tournament – but it is also much more than that! 
We are all familiar with stories of NSW registered clubs removing billiard tables from their premises.  Unfortunately, this is a continuing trend that our sport needs to combat if it is to survive for our children to enjoy as we have done.  We CAN do something about it, but it all starts with you – the players.
Please take the time to read the brief attachment.  It provides an example of how players and clubs in different regions can come together and assist each other for the good of our sport. 
The GWSC group is proof of that, with clubs in Illawarra (Wests Illawarra), Shoalhaven (St. Georges Basin Country Club) and now the Central Coast (Mingara) supporting players from all areas and opening up a successful competition that was once restricted to the NSW Western Districts.
This message is not just about GWSC.  It’s about increasing the level of co-operation between all areas and supporting each other’s tournaments, wherever they may be, via greater player entries whenever possible.  You, all of us, CAN assist in making our sport stronger.  
The registered clubs, like any business, need “bums on seats” for any event to be successful.  In our case we need players to enter tournaments!  This “strength in numbers” is the easiest way to demonstrate to club management that billiard tables and regular tournaments CAN attract strong patronage and are a very worthwhile part of a club’s overall facilities.
Show your passion for our sport.  Help make a statement to club management by simply supporting all tournaments everywhere with increased entries.  You CAN make a difference!  This also provides an opportunity for all players to show just how much they value and appreciate regular tournaments being organised on their behalf.
Please share this with other like-minded players and supporters as you consider appropriate.
A flyer for Mingara’s 2017 Double Trouble is here.  We hope to see as many players as possible come and visit us in January!

Start planning your weekend now – it’s only 8 weeks away!



Gary Knight

Tournament Organiser