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Expected snooker etiquette

The NDBSA wants all its members to enjoy snooker and billiards in its’ various events. Being a competitive sports where there are winners and losers, players can experience disappointment and frustration. As adults, all members are expected to show respect to their team mates, their opponents and spectators at all times. If you witness any breaches of this expected etiquette you are encouraged to notify the Association as soon as possible so we can address.

If you are someone who acts poorly during NDBSA competition know that continued poor behaviour will result in suspensions.

Some examples of poor behaviour:

  • Repeated complaining of a markers decision. Asking a question after a ruling is ok – repeated questioning/disputing is not.
  • Failing to shake your opponents hand before or after a match.
  • Leaving the table during play. A toilet break should be utilised before or after a match, unless it’s urgent, cigarette breaks during a best of 3 frame match are no longer allowed due to a few players abusing, and team members are encouraged to obtain drinks for players during matches to ensure minimal interruptions to matches.
  • Talking to others while your opponent is playing their shot.
  • Answering your phone or texting whilst playing.

Captains have a responsibility to not only act according to the NDBSA Code of Conduct, but ensure their players also act according to this Code. See the 2015 Captain’s Log.

The NDBSA Code of Conduct can be found on page 7 of the NDBSA Games Rules & Regulations.


NDBSA Committee

November 2015