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2017-18 Summer 6-red competition

The short 2017-18 Summer Comp commences on the 22nd of November with 10 teams vying for the title.


Details are as follows…


6-red best of 3 frames (first to 2)
Handicaps are based on 40% of current handicap
eg. 10 x 40% = 4
30 x 40% = 12
-30 x 40% = -12
0 x 40% = 0
There is no caps to handicaps
Handicaps don’t change with won or loss. Remains the same as it’s only a 1 round competition
2018 Tony Tamplin handicaps will be based on finishing handicap of 2017 Tony Tamplin. No adjustment after summer comp.
Top 4 go through to finals same as billiards & Over-50s 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, etc
Team score per night same as Tony Tamplin – 1pt per match and 1 for winning team
red rules same as 15 red snooker – “no ball in hand”
Mercy rule applies as Tony Tamplin
Don’t forget – home team to mark all matches
No team fees or prizemoney for this comp. Just something different for a short summer comp.
Good luck to all teams.
****Please note:****
The Cessnock team will play out of Wangi Workers Club while they source a new venue. Wangi Workers is a 7pm start for this Summer Comp.