2017 Newcastle Open Draw

The NDBSA is delighted to announce that entries for the 2017 Newcastle Snooker Open have been accepted and the draw has been done. A total of 39 participants will make for an exciting weekend but also a long one with both 3-table venues, Wangi Workers Club and Belmont 16′ Sailing Club hosting a full Saturday of matches. Could participants please be in attendance on time for early matches and 1hr + early for the later matches as often matches can go quicker then planned.

PLEASE NOTE: Previously advertised venue Cessnock Ex-Services Club is no longer available so double check your allocated venue next to your name in the draw.


Draws can be viewed or downloaded:

Wangi Workers Club Draw

Belmont 16′ Sailing Club Draw


A website viewable draw can be seen here – Wangi Workers hosting top half on Saturday and Belmont 16′ Sailing Club the lower half.


Spectators most welcome at both events. Wangi Workers Club will host all Sundays matches.

Cessnock Ex-Services Club Closed

It is with great sadness that we learn about the closure of Cessnock Ex-Services Club. The Cessnock Ex-Services Snooker Club has been a fixture of Newcastle Snooker Billiards and Snooker competitions since 1963 winning their first of many shields in 1964 and the then President, Bert Agland described the Cessnock Ex-Services Snooker team as “one of the stronger teams”.

Since I first played in NDBSA Competitions in 1989 the Cessnock Ex-Services Club has continued to field consistently dominant snooker teams.

The NDBSA sends its’ deepest condolences to those effected by the closure, not only snooker players but staff and patrons.

The 2017 Newcastle Open has switched it’s venue to Belmont 16′ Sailing Club 18th November and Wangi Worker’s Club 18th & 19th November. Apologies for the very short notice.


Grant Schubert




Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 – 2017 Tony Tamplin Winners

Congratulations to Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 who defeated Wangi Worker’s Club in winning their first Tony Tamplin Shield. The final was on a knifes edge before Jay Firth sealed the win for the Belmont side. A big thanks to Belmont 16′ Sailing Club for hosting the Grand Final, the Committee for providing markers and both sides for playing the game while upholding the great sportsmanship that is synonymous with snooker. Well done to both teams and all the teams that participated throughout the year.

2017 Tony Tamplin Grand Finalists

Congratulations to Wangi Worker’s Club and Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 who are through to the 2017 Tony Tamplin Grand Final. Wangi Worker’s Club defeated Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.1 and Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 defeated the Minor Premiers – Mayfield Bowling Club in a cliff-hanger. The Grand Final will be held at Belmont 16′ Sailing Club 7pm on Wednesday the 8th November. Spectators welcome and good luck to both teams.

Wk 4 of the 2017 Tony Tamplin finals

Both Belmont 16′ Sailing Club sides were successful this week over Kahibah Cannons and Cessnock Ex-Services Club No.1. That means that the top 4 teams have been decided with Minor Premiers Mayfield Bowling Club hosting Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 and Wangi Worker’s Club hosting Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No1. Good luck to all teams.


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