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Rex Smith Format

The Rex Smith Shield is a Thursday afternoon handicap snooker 3 man team event for players over 50 years of age. Clubs must have at least two tables to be eligible to field a team.

Players are ranked according to handicap and their opponents are chosen from the opposing team by their corresponding rank.

Matches are best of 3 (race to 2) frames and difference in players handicaps determine the start. Players handicaps are adjusted after the match with the winner subtracting 2 points from their handicap and the loser adding 2 points. A player cannot go any higher than ’50’ and all handicaps are frozen for the last 3 group matches of the group stages and in the finals. The maximum amount of start in any one frame is 40 points.

The Official Rules of Snooker are adhered to apart from the foul and miss rule which doesn’t apply to any Rex Smith Shield matches. There is the added local ‘mercy rule’ which means a frame is lost if a player requires more than three snookers plus a point after the last red is sunk. The ‘mercy rule’ doesn’t apply to the penultimate (3rd) frame.

Every frame that each team wins adds a point toward match total. In addition, team that wins 2 or games gets a bonus 2 points toward tha match total.

Top 4 teams after group stage progress to finals. On points – 1st vs 2nd, winner through to grand final. 3rd vs 4th, winner plays loser of 1st vs 2nd – winner of that second team to grand final. If any tied teams after group stages then order will be determined by play-offs between the teams that are tied.

Further rules and regulations can be accessed here.

Prize Money

Winner $250

Runner-Up $150

3rd $125

4th $75

Total $700