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2017-18 Summer 6-red competition

The short 2017-18 Summer Comp commences on the 22nd of November with 10 teams vying for the title.


Details are as follows…


6-red best of 3 frames (first to 2)
Handicaps are based on 40% of current handicap
eg. 10 x 40% = 4
30 x 40% = 12
-30 x 40% = -12
0 x 40% = 0
There is no caps to handicaps
Handicaps don’t change with won or loss. Remains the same as it’s only a 1 round competition
2018 Tony Tamplin handicaps will be based on finishing handicap of 2017 Tony Tamplin. No adjustment after summer comp.
Top 4 go through to finals same as billiards & Over-50s 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, etc
Team score per night same as Tony Tamplin – 1pt per match and 1 for winning team
red rules same as 15 red snooker – “no ball in hand”
Mercy rule applies as Tony Tamplin
Don’t forget – home team to mark all matches
No team fees or prizemoney for this comp. Just something different for a short summer comp.
Good luck to all teams.
****Please note:****
The Cessnock team will play out of Wangi Workers Club while they source a new venue. Wangi Workers is a 7pm start for this Summer Comp.

Summer League Grand Final see Cessnock No.1 vs Belmont No.1

The 2016/17 Summer League Grand Final will be played between minor premiers, Cessnock Ex-Services Club No.1 and Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.1, who beat Kahibah Sports Cannons and Cessnock Ex-services Club No.2 respectively. The Grand Final will be held at Wangi Worker’s Club February 15th at 7pm. As always spectators are welcome to come and watch some of the finest snooker players in the District battle it out.

Summer League Finals – Week 3

Congratulations to Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.1 and Cessnock Ex-Services Club No.1 both progressing to the preliminary final of the 2016/17 Summer League.


Next week the 1st of February will see:


Cessnock Ex-Services Club No.2 vs Toronto Worker’s No.2 6:30pm at Cessnock Ex-Services Club.


The Tennis Club vs Kahibah Cannons 7pm at the Tennis Club.


Good luck to all teams competing!

Summer League Finals – Week 2

Congratulations to Kahibah Sport Cannons & Toronto Worker’s Club No.2 for making it to the second week of the finals. 3rd and 4th spots were determined with Belmont 16′ Sailing Club no.1 taking 3rd and Cessnock Ex-Services Club No.2 4th.


Week 2 of the finals see:

Cessnock Ex-Services Club No.1 vs Cessnock Ex-Services Club No.2 at Cessnock Ex-Services Wednesday the 25th January.


Tennis Club vs Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.1 at Tennis Club Wednesday the 25th January.


Good luck to all those teams playing.

2016-17 Summer League Finals

The 2016-17 Summer Finals positions have been determined apart from Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.1 and Cessnock Ex-Services Club No.2 who both finished on 45 points. Per the rules they will need to play-off to determine positions who gets 3rd and 4th position. They will play Wednesday the 18th January 7pm at the Tennis Club.


In other finals games Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 will host Kahibah Cannons 7pm Wednesday the 18th January and Toronto Worker’s No.2 will host the Kahibah Kings 6pm also on Wednesday the 18th January.


Cessnock Ex-Services No.1 and the Tennis Club will need to wait a week to determine the results of the play-off between Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.1 and Cessnock Ex-Services Club No.2.


Good luck to all teams.