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Rex Smith Over-50s Winners

The Rex Smith Over 50’s Snooker Grand Final was held on Thursday  4th July at the  Belmont 16’s Sailing Club. The Kahibah Sports Panthers defeated Nelson Bay Community Club in a tightly fought match, which  was won by the third player in the final frame, reflecting a tense and close contest. All players are to be commended for their friendly and sportsman like manner in which they played their games.

It should be noted that the Kahibah Sports Panthers were also the minor premiers by seasonal point score. Special thanks is given to the Belmont 16’s for providing the venue, preparing the tables and assisting with the marking of the games. Also thanks to John Duchatel who was the Association representative attending the match and giving assistance with marking.

The match was well attended by members of other clubs, providing an ideal and enjoyable atmosphere for the occasion.

Rex Smith Over 50s Finals – wk2

Kahibah Sports Panthers are through to the Grand Final defeating Morisset Country Club. Morisset now will play Nelson Bay Community Club, who defeated Cessnock Comets, to see who will meet Kahibah in the Grand Final.

The Morisset Country Club vs Nelson Bay Community Club preliminary final will be held at Belmont 16′ Sailing Club 1pm, on Thursday the 27th June. Good luck to both teams – spectators welcome.

Rex Smith Over-50s Finals

The 4 finalist have determined after the group stages of the Rex Smith Over-50s Shield. They are Kahibah Sports Panthers 50pts (Minor Premiers), Morisset Country Club 49pts , Nelson Bay Community Club 46pts, and the Cessnock Comets 44pts.

The finals start 1pm Thursday the 20th of June with the Kahibah Sports Panthers vs Morriset Country Club at Belmont 16′ Sailing Club, and Nelson Bay Community Club vs the Cessnock Comets at Wangi Workers Club. Good luck to all teams.

Morisset Country Club wins 2018 Rex Smith Over-50s Shield

Congratulations to the Morisset Country Club who defeated the Minor Premiers, the Kahibah Sports Panthers in the Grand Final. This is Morisset’s first season the Competition and we look forward to them defending their shield in 2019. Thanks to Neil Pratt and Ian Callaghan for being there to officiate on behalf of the Committee and their fine stewardship throughout the year. Also thanks to those who also assisted with the refereeing and the Belmont 16′ Sailing Club for hosting the Grand Final.



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