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Newcastle Open Snooker Championship Draw

Newy Open Draw - Belmont Newy Open Draw - Wangi

Please click for the Newcastle Open draw (Click on “Read More” first).

Belmont Newy Open Draw & Wangi Newy Open Draw

Please note the following format changes have been made as we have 29 runners:
The venues are now only Wangi Workers Club & Belmont 16’s Sailing Club.  For directions or info please click: &
As there is many players travelling, and a few byes. All games are now best of 7 and prize money will be paid to the top 8 only.
Official referees are provided for the finals day only.
There will be one Quarter Finals match played on Saturday at Belmont, which will be the first quarter final game available to play.
Just a reminder, the dress code for Saturday is long pants (eg, jeans, trousers or cargo) and collared shirt (short or long sleeved).
Sunday dress code is long tailored trousers, black dress shoes, long sleeved shirt buttoned at wrist & waistcoat (bow tie optional).
Prize Money Breakdown:
Winner $1,000.00
Runner Up $500.00
Semi $300.00
Semi $300.00
Quarters $200.00
Quarters $200.00
Quarters $200.00
Quarters $200.00
Highest Break $100.00
Total Prize Money $3,000.00

Newcastle Open Snooker Championship

Entries are closing soon for the Newcastle Open. Click “Read More” for info.  Current confirmed entries are:

Dave Watkins,
Luke Green,
Malcolm Winter,
Fred Minici,
Kiah Bloomfield,
Phil Mowbray,
Rob Elsley,
David Waller,
Patrick Gauci,
Mark McCosker,
Nathan Karam,
Jom Wangta,
Simon Rendle,
Mick Pilgrim,
Steve Miller,
Ekachai Hormhuan,
Matt Lochrin,
Tristan Fletcher,
Terry Emmett,
Brad Main

If your name is not on this list, it means your payment has not been received. Please send enquiries and entry forms to
The draw will be posted on facebook and on Wednesday 28th.

Newcastle Open Poster