Premier Snooker Format

The Premier Snooker competition is an inter club scratch snooker competition held on Thursdays nights at various clubs. Teams are comprised of 3 players per side on the night in a best of 3 frame format.

The Official Rules are strictly adhered to including the foul and miss rule.

– Each game is the best of three frames (third frame not required if a player wins 2-0)
–  One point awarded per frame won
–  Two bonus points for team that wins on the night (maximum 8 points can be won on any night)
– Winner on the night is determined by game wins not frame points
– Zero points for the BYE


Top 4 teams after group stage progress to finals. On points – 1st vs 2nd, winner through to grand final. 3rd vs 4th, winner plays loser of 1st vs 2nd – winner of that second team to grand final. If any tied teams after group stages then order will be determined by superior win/loss record. If win/loss record even then a playoff will be held. All finals are best of 5 frame matches.


Major Premiers $300

Runner Up $200

3rd $100

4th $100

Refer to NDBSA Game Rules and Regulations for further information.