Elwyn Jones Shield Billiards Format

Players need to score 200 in addition to a player’s handicap. Players place their handicap on the scoreboard at the start of the match and then the first player to 0 on the scoreboard wins.


Player order is lowest player on team plays lowest player on opposing team, then second lowest vs second lowest, etc. Due to needing to score more points the lowest players go on first.


Each player receives a point for each win and an extra point is awarded to the team that wins on the night.


If a player wins their handicap reduces by 5 points. If a player loses then their handicap increases by 5 points. During the handicap freeze period, which is the last 3 rounds of group matches handicaps don’t change due to a win or a loss.


The NDBSA grade secretary reserves the right to further adjust any player’s handicap. There is no minimum handicap. 0 is the maximum a player can be handicapped.


Commencement of match and choice of cue ball will be determined by either ‘stringing’* or coin toss.


Refer to NDBSA Game Rules and Regulations for further information.


*Players playing simultaneously from baulk line to top cushion and back to baulk. Closest to baulk cushion determines break-off and choice of object ball. Player loses ‘string’ if a side cushion is struck or their ball goes in a pocket.