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Tony Tamplin Format

Players are ranked according to their handicap and their opponents are chosen from the opposing team by their corresponding rank. The Official Rules are strictly adhered to though there is the added local ‘mercy rule’ which means a frame is lost if a player requires more than three snookers plus a point after the last red is sunk. The ‘mercy rule’ doesn’t apply to the deciding frame and only to the first frame in semi-finals onward. The foul and miss rule apples to all matches throughout the season.
– Each game is the best of three frames (third frame not required if a player wins 2-0)
–  One point awarded per frame won
–  Two bonus points for team that wins on the night (maximum 12 points can be won on any night)
– Winner on the night is determined by game wins not frame points ( eg: Team A wins the first three games 2-1. Team A is on 6 points Team B is on 3 points. Team B wins the last two games 2-0 which makes the frame score Team A 6 points Team B 7 points. Team A has won the night three games to two and gets the two bonus points. Final score Team A 8 points Team B 7 points.
– Zero points for the BYE
– Top 8 qualify for finals
– No playoff matches if teams are tied at the end of the season.
– Ladder positions will be determined by
  1. Total Points (For)
  2. Total Wins
  3. Total Points conceded (Against)
  4. Count back to the winner of the last match played against each other
Missed weeks
There will be no matches on the nights of Wednesday the 25th December, 1st January and 8th January due to Christmas/New Year holidays.
Prize money
Handicaps / Game Qualification
– Handicaps are frozen for the last three rounds of the competition
– A minimum of three matches must be played prior to the freeze by any player to qualify for finals
– A player may fill in for another team up to 4 times. On the fifth occasion they will be regarded as changing teams
– The home team is to mark all games where possible
– No cigarette breaks during a game (best of 3)
– If both players agree prior a game that the ‘foul and a miss’ rule be dispensed with for the game then it can be.
– For any questions or concerns regarding the competition please contact:
Bill Marshall 0458 130 099 or Charlie Brown 0428 119 761
The order of play for the finals will be drawn out of the hat and each match goes on as soon as any table becomes available just as in the group stages. As always home teams get the right to choose which tables the first 2 home side players play on. Home teams mark matches except when it’s a 3 table venue and in that instance the away player/s not playing should assist with marking.
The Tony Tamplin Guide can be downloaded from here.