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2018 Tony Tamplin Finals

Congratulations to the Kahibah Sports Canons who showed their class by taking out the 2018 Tony Tamplin Minor Premiership. The Cannons are on an unprecedented winning streak of 17 consecutive matches not having lost a match since the 16th of May. Please find the draw below for the make-up of the finals. Home teams remember that you need to provide markers for all your matches. Good luck to all teams on the finals. The order of play for the finals will be draw out of the hat and each match goes on as soon as any table becomes available just as in the group stages. As always home teams get the right to choose which tables the first 2 (or 3 for 3 table venues) home side players play on. Home teams mark matches except when it’s a 3 table venue and in that instance the away player/s not playing should assist with marking.


Foul and Miss Rule local rule trial

The NDBSA is continuing to have trouble with player’s implementation of the foul and miss rule in the Tony Tamplin Shield. After looking at what other Associations are doing the Committee has come up with, what we believe, is the best amendment that will take out all subjectivity and result in a consistent adaptation that will limit the ongoing problems with how this rule is implemented.


From Wednesday the 22nd of August a four (4) week trial of the following amendment to the foul and miss rule will be implemented for all Tony Tamplin matches…


Any failure to hit the ball on will result in a “foul and miss call”. As in the WPBSA Rules the opponent will have the choice to 1/ Play from where the balls lie, 2/ send his/her opponent back in, 3/ Ask for the balls to be replaced. A subsequent failure to hit the ball on will also result in a foul and miss. If there is a clear path to the centre of ball on is available then the player will be warned that failure to hit the ball on at the third attempt will result in loss of frame. If there is only a partial part of a ball on or they are snookered the player, on his or her third attempt must play hard enough to reach the ball on and if they fail to hit the ‘ball on’ at their third attempt then only a foul will be called.


As per usual if snookers are required prior, or as a result, of the foul, no miss will be called.


After four (4) weeks trial, Tony Tamplin captains will be able to provide input about whether they would like this rule variation will continue for the rest of the Tony Tamplin Shield.



Round 1 of Tony Tamplin to be played in October

Due to the flood warnings on Wednesday the 21st March the 1st Round of the Tony Tamplin Shield has been rescheduled to after the last round on the 10th of October. As such the handicap freeze will be put back a week until 26th September. To see where you are playing this week the 28th of March refer to the draw here.


28 Mar Wangi Worker’s Club v Kahibah Sports Kings
Round 2 Mayfield Bowling No.2 v Toronto Worker’s No.2
Tennis Club Aces v Belmont Sailing No.1
Cessnock Comets No.2 v Cessnock Comets No.1
Toronto Worker’s No.1 v BYE
Kahibah Sports Cannons v Mayfield Bowling No.1
Belmont Sailing No.2 v Nelson Bay Community

**** First Round postponed ****

Due to severe thunderstorms and flooding warnings from the BoM tonights matches are being cancelled. Safety of players is paramount and we don’t want anyone coming to misadventure. A decision will be made down the track as what will happen with tonights matches. Apologies for the late notice.

2018 Tony Tamplin Shield starts 21st March

The 2018 Tony Tamplin Shield starts on the 21st of March. There has been some minor changes this season. See below for full details. Draw can be found here.


– Each game is the best of three frames (third frame not required if a player wins 2-0)
– One point awarded per frame won
– Two bonus points for team that wins on the night (maximum 12 points can be won on any night)
– Winner on the night is determined by game wins not frame points ( eg: Team A wins the first three
games 2-1. Team A is on 6 points Team B is on 3 points. Team B wins the last two games 2-0 which
makes the frame score Team A 6 points Team B 7 points. Team A has won the night three games to
two and gets the two bonus points. Final score Team A 8 points Team B 7 points.
– Zero points for the BYE

– Top 8 qualify for finals (NRL style format)
– No playoff matches if teams are tied at the end of the season.
– Ladder positions will be determined by
1. Total Points (For)
2. Total Wins
3. Total Points conceded (Against)
4. Countback to the winner of the last match played against each other

Missed weeks
– No games will take place on Anzac Day (25 th April), State of Origin 1 (6 th June) and State of Origin 3
(11 th July). Note: State of Origin 2 is on a Sunday night.

Prize money
– The total prize money is $2000.
– Winner $600 / Runner up $400 / Semi-Finalists $300 each / 5th & 6th $200 each

Handicaps / Game Qualification
– Handicaps are frozen for the last three rounds of the competition
– A minimum of three matches must be played prior to the freeze by any player to qualify for finals
– A player may fill in for another team up to 4 times. On the fifth occasion they will be regarded as
changing teams

– The home team is to mark all games where possible
– No cigarette breaks during a game (best of 3)
– For any questions or concerns regarding the competition please contact:
Chris Mungoven 0408 674 140 or Annette Clifford 0403 946 732

Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 – 2017 Tony Tamplin Winners

Congratulations to Belmont 16′ Sailing Club No.2 who defeated Wangi Worker’s Club in winning their first Tony Tamplin Shield. The final was on a knifes edge before Jay Firth sealed the win for the Belmont side. A big thanks to Belmont 16′ Sailing Club for hosting the Grand Final, the Committee for providing markers and both sides for playing the game while upholding the great sportsmanship that is synonymous with snooker. Well done to both teams and all the teams that participated throughout the year.

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