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Match results

Due to extended delays in receiving results from a few (not many) teams the NDBSA Committee has passed that any team who does not send ‘readable’ results through within 24hrs will receive no points for that match. Over the last few years we have been patiently chasing teams for results but one or two captains are constantly delaying the posting of everyones results to the web. If a captain cannot send results via photo to or 0477 829 588 then they are required to phone and verbally give results (0477 829 588). When filling out books please fully complete in legible writing. In the Tony Tamplin and Premier League its preferable that rather than ‘W’ or “L” that the number of frames a player has won is inserted in that column to aid with confirming team points.

6 new qualified Snooker referees for Newcastle

The NDBSA is proud to announce that 6 there are six new qualified snooker referees and 3 new qualified billiard referees – all members of the NDBSA.

DateMinutesTreasurer's Report

29 Jan 2019

Current Qualified Snooker & Billiard Referees

NameSnooker LevelBilliard Level
Annette Clifford3
Stephen Dodds3
John Duchatel33
Richard Evans33
Nilesh Fatania3
Chris Mungoven3
Grant Schubert33

The NDBSA is currently offering incentives for anyone interested in becoming a qualified snooker and/or billiard referee. To find out more contact Grant Schubert via email
or on 0421337105.

2018 NDBSA Individual Membership Fees due

The 2018 Annual Individual Membership due by the 31st of March 2018.


$50 all competitions

$15 Over 50s Rex Smith only


Please pay your Team Snooker Club President, Treasurer or Captain who then can pay on behalf of your Club via Direct Debit*.


Bank Details: NDBSA

BSB: 637000 (Greater)

Account: 716695654

Description: Club name


  • Please note – Our banking account is no longer with Newcastle Permanent as of 2016


Once deposit is made please email or SMS a list of the paid players to or 0421337105


Any team that plays an unfinancial player after the 31st March will have points deducted so please ensure your players are financial.


The 2018 Newcastle District & Billiards Snooker Association Annual General Meeting will be held at the Kahibah Sport Club 6:30pm on Wednesday the 28th February. The tied positions in the Summer 6-Red has meant that the scheduled Grand Final of the 6-red will be held on the following Wednesday night 7th of March. No snooker competition will be held on the night of the AGM. All NDBSA Members are encouraged to attend to vote on Committee positions and have input into the 2018 season. If you are interested in a Committee Position please contact Neil Fatania ( or Grant Schubert 0421337105 by the 21st February at the latest.


Flyer can be printed or downloaded from here


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