6-Red Competition Format

The 6-Red Competition is a Wednesday night handicap snooker 5 man team event. Clubs must have at least two tables to be eligible to field a team

Players are ranked according to their handicap and their opponents are chosen from the opposing team by their corresponding rank.


Matches are handicapped best of 3 (race to 2) frames and individual match ‘start’ is determined by difference in handicaps eg Player A off 10 vs Player B off -10 = Player A receives 20 start each frame. Handicaps stay the same for the whole competition unless NDSBA Grade Secretary feels that a handicap does not reflect a players ability.

The Official Rules are strictly adhered to though there is the added local ‘mercy rule’ which means a frame is lost if a player requires more than three snookers plus a point after the last red is sunk. The ‘mercy rule’ doesn’t apply to the deciding frame and only to the first frame in semi-finals onward. The foul and miss rule apples to all matches throughout the season.


Top 4 teams after group stage progress to finals. If any teams are tied on points after group stages then order will be determined by a playoff between tied teams.

1 vs 2 – Winner to Grand Final

2 vs 3 – Winner to play loser of 1 vs 2 – Winner to Grand Final


The order of play for the finals will be draw out of the hat and each match goes on as soon as any table becomes available just as in the group stages. As always home teams get the right to choose which tables the first 2 home side players play on. Home teams mark matches except when it’s a 3 table venue and in that instance the away player/s not playing should assist with marking. All five players from each team need to be in attendance at start times unless approval obtained from both captains. Player cigarette breaks are not to be taken mid-match.


There is no team fees to prize money for this competition.