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Tennis Club

Home game start times: 7pm Wednesdays

PlayerStart HcpPlayedWonLostNew Hcp
Ben Cooper-16
Jake Davis-4
Mark Toward1031212
Neil Fatania-6523-4
Ramsey Vong-12514-6
Sam Ryan2210124
Daniel Lynch3242232
Peter Snape3230338
Lloyd Amloh2065112
Charlie Pickard3010132
Shane Paul3232130
Paul Zacharko36
Paul Lowe3043126
Andrew Clarke03122
Steve Drysdale6
Rob Elsley-58110-60
Mick Patterson3210134

The NDBSA endeavours to ensure that handicap adjustments are accurate – If you believe there is an error please contact us as soon as possible so we can investigate. If captains play players off website (updated) handicaps and we have made an error players/teams won’t be penalised.