Cardiff Snooker Club

PlayerStart HcpPlayedWonLostNew Hcp
Last updated:02:23 pm26 Nov 15
Joe Spiteri14114722
Dave Mackie12171160
Mark Hugo22147724
Rory Masters14159610
Wally Jaramenko24158724
Dave Jenkins12137610
William Edwards181771024
Neil Meyers-12174136
Karl Bauer12146818
Nathan Meyers-2419712-16
Ronald Williams14
Paul Nicholls24
Henry Jurgielan38

The NDBSA endeavours to ensure that handicap adjustments are accurate – If you believe there is an error please contact us as soon as possible so we can investigate. If captains play players off website (updated) handicaps and we have made an error players/teams won’t be penalised.